A Clear Vision with a Global Reach.

“When you combine our global reach, with our highly skilled, experienced, renowned team, our dedicated Spearhead production locations and Pioneers, our transparent, simplified supply chains, speed to market models, and investments into IP development and production automations, it is clear to see that our clients are getting the best, real to world Physical Brand Enhancement leverage possible for their brands.”

Heather Fritzsche, CEO, The Spearhead Group.


North America


Spearhead Headquarters - Yardley, PA

At their Headquarters and East Coast Innovation center, The Spearhead Group leads clients through the whole development process of how brand and packaging work together through the end-use and engagement with consumers.



Spearhead has onsite presence at their clients’ locations for in line QA, data collection and direct feedback to Spearhead production sites around the world.


Louisville, Kentucky Flagship

End-to-End Physical Brand Enhancements. Located within Acuity PLS, The Kentucky Flagship provides a complete turnkey operation for Value Added Packaging (VAP) and Limited Time Offering (LTO) with direct and efficient on-site collaboration for the Spirits Industry.

As the first full turnkey offering of its kind in the Kentucky region, the Flagship provides support for packaging, labeling, necker, medallion, and all other innovative Physical Brand Enhancements directly onto our client's products, creating the ability to have our creations fully assembled and distributed to the market all from within the Bourbon Belt.

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Spearheads presence in Mexico allows for near shoring opportunities for their USA client base. Spearhead is actively introducing innovative Physical Brand Enhancements and exploring the local market for future pioneer opportunities.



In response to a growing demand for affordable and sustainable luxury packaging, Spearhead maintains an exclusive, strategic agreement with a high-quality manufacturing group with operations in both China and Cambodia. These modern production facilities employ more than 700 people, and offer Spearhead the opportunity for tremendous flexibility and scale in the manufacturing process. Most importantly, our teams in this region are quality-minded, entrepreneurial, and align well with the culture and value proposition championed by Spearhead.


Spearhead Commodities Co., Ltd (China & Cambodia)

These innovation and production centers enables the full capability to both independently R&D new to world Physical Brand Enhancements, as well as tailor the mass production of those developed Physical Brand Enhancements. With these locations, Spearhead has the ability to launch mass scale production of various Physical Brand Enhancement innovations, literally setting up the production process to their own design.


Spearhead Luxury Packaging (China) Co., Ltd

Spearhead Luxury Packaging offers innovative solutions for brand enhancements and product extensions, with an eye on the North American luxury spirits and beauty industries. This location features cutting-edge materials, from hand-finished wood to uniquely wrapped paper, textile and leather materials, high-end ribbons, magnetic closures, medallions, and more.


Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh

With their relationships in India of over 25 years, Spearhead is able to offer their clients options beyond China. With multiple dedicated locations, Spearhead offers everything from high end luxury boxes, medallions and textile packaging while keeping the full supply chain in this region. India manages the same Physical Brand Enhancement capabilities in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, allowing for versatile product development.





Spearhead sees this region as a key ingredient for their product development capabilities. With their presence in Italy, Spearhead has access to innovative design resources and state of the art automation.